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Running since 1999, Magpie, formerly known as The Boxroom, sells second-hand furniture and household goods - addressing the 'throw-away' society in which we live. We directly divert and reduce the amount of waste going to land-fill, by selling on good quality goods to the public. Magpie is about being environmentally friendly - we enable the re-use of unwanted furniture and other household goods.

The Crow's Nest...
Magpie operates at the Crow’s Nest Waste and Recycling Centre off Raemoir Road in Banchory. Our volunteers onsite encourage members of the public not to throw valuable household items away but instead to donate them to the Magpie container. The container at the Crow’s Nest is available for reusable goods to be donated in even if volunteers are not on site.

Where the money goes...
The money made from the Magpie project goes straight back into developing the project - employing staff and making it bigger and better for the benefit of our local communities. We now operate a Gift Aid system which means that we get 25p in every £1 back for the charity. Magpie is a social enterprise run by Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action (AVA), who work with voluntary groups across Aberdeenshire.  AVA are one of over 50 Council for Voluntary Services in Scotland and exist to support and represent local voluntary sector organisations by offering a range of services for both new and established groups. Find out more about the work of AVA here.

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Magpie also gift goods to those in need through the local Social Work office, helping people to set up home and get back on their feet. We are able to help those in real need by providing free furniture and other household goods and many local families and individuals have benefitted from this service over the years. We also work with the local South Aberdeenshire foodbank to make sure provisions get to those in need as effectively as possible.

The funds raised in the shop mean that we can continue our valuable work in the community where our focus is on a wide range of groups and issues relating to our voluntary (or third) sector. When you donate or purchase something from Magpie shop, you know that you are putting money directly into this area and helping your own community.